Being that we are entering the time of year when it’s colder, holiday decorating and holiday shopping is normal at some point during the weekend, why would someone want to rent an exotic sports car in the Winter? The simple answer, everybody has different reasons to want to rent a Ferrari in New Jersey or a Lamborghini in New York City.

Even though the temperature may be 35-40 degrees on a regular basis, we still have nice days in the winter season. We receive calls on a regular basis for our Lamborghini rental in NYC for the day, our Bentley in Atlantic City for the weekend. We’ve been receiving inquiries for proms for the past 2months. Weddings, Corporate Events, gifts, team building, you name it, are a few of the different reasons we receive calls for our exotic vehicle.

The reasoning behind renting an exotic car can be as simple as wanting to treat yourself. Cruising NYC in a Bentley convertible, navigating down to A.C. in a yellow Lamborghini, driving the mountain roads in an Alfa Romeo, or checking off a bucket list item in a Corvette. Renting an exotic sports car is an extremely simple process and is often the “cherry on top” for most occasions.

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